Aerial photography | Virtual Tours | 360° views in Provence & Côte d'Azur
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Drone it. 

We help you promote your property in the best possible way. We provide full service for the presentation of houses, yachts, campsites, B&B and many more. We work with new tools such as a drone for aerial photographs, virtual tours for real estates and promotional videos for rental companies.

Wether you are a private customer, a real estate or a broker we can assist you. We work all year round in the Provence and Côte d’Azur region. We can assist at distance and bring you in contact with qualified people if needed.

Virtual =

The right presentation of an objective is essential to realise a sale. A Virtual Tour offers new possibilities for showing the property. Our virtual tours are simple to use, high quality and you can use them in any form on the internet (social media, website, etc).

What we create. 

Aerial Photos

Aerial photography is new and very populair. Using a drone it is becoming easier to achieve and more affordable. From the sky there are many ways to take an image, we know exactly how to take that image that results in more sales.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are the future. People have the freedom to take a complete tour in your property like they are physically there. This tool is great for the real estate market.

Promo videos

If you are interested in an high and easy to use tool a promo video is excellent. We combine aerial footage with high quality interior video all mixed together in a 60 sec. video (music possible).

Interior stills

Every good promotion starts with the basics. Interior stills are part of that. We make interior stills with natural light. This results in clean and realistic images.

Start today.

1. Make an apppointment

Contact us by e-mail, text or phone us for an appointment.

2. Staging the property

If you like we can prepare your house for the photoshoot.

3. The photoshoot

We come and visit you or your caretaker to take the pictures, video or/ and virtual tour.

4. Edited in 48h

At home we edit the files for an even better result.

5. You can download the files

With WeTransfer we will digitally send you the files.

6. Share it!

You can use your photographs for yourself, send them to your reals estate or whatever your wish.